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What you Need to Know Before Filling your D2C Inventory

Filling your D2C Inventory

One of the requirements for anyone doing D2C business (and that is just about everyone) is sending an inventory for the products on the website. Failure to send a timely and accurate inventory can results in chargebacks, low fill rate and potentially being dropped from the website. Here is everything you need to know about D2C inventory management.

What is it?

Filing inventories electronically is required when doing D2C Business. The D2C retailers require an electronic inventory to insure that all the vendor’s D2C styles on the retailer’s website are available. This insures that D2C customers are not placing orders that cannot be filled. Fill rates are closely monitored by the D2C Retailers and fill rates that do not meet the D2C requirements will be a violation.

Why do I need to do this?

Filing electronic inventory is an absolute requirement in order to be listed on a retailer’s D2C website. Failure to report  regular electronic inventory violates the vendor’s requirements. Taking orders for items that can not be shipped immediately will violate retailer compliance guidelines which will likely cause chargebacks and loss of status as a D2C vendor. Timely and correct electronic D2C inventories are key to a successful D2C relationship.

What do the professionals do?

In the heat of the holiday season, inventory filings can sometimes not be updated, can be uploaded incorrectly to the retailer, or can simply be forgotten. The first thing the experts do to insure accurate and timely reporting is to take the advice of a professional EDI company with expertise in D2C. Usually the first step is to automate the D2C inventory count and the transmission of the up to the minute D2C inventory to insure a timely and correct flow of that information. This insures that they maintain compliance with the retailers D2C requirements. Sending updated inventories daily, hourly or if inventory levels hit a predetermined level, are just some of the tricks that the most successful D2C suppliers use and that everyone can learn from.

Can EDI Options Help?

If you are a new supplier sizing up your first D2C relationship or an experienced company that has been enjoying extreme growth in D2C you can benefit from our advice. We help you achieve the higher levels of compliance maximizing your D2C orders and fill rate, and improving your retailer scorecard. EDI Options is here to help you with any D2C challenge.