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EDI OptCenter

EDI OptCenter

The EDI OptCenter is the online portal where you control the exchange of e-business transactions with your key business partners.

There’s a reason we’re called EDI Options. That reason is customization. The “one size fits all” approach to ecommerce just doesn’t cut it with us. No matter your requirements we have applications that collect, manage, distribute and customize each transaction according to those needs. Every transaction is exchanged with every partner as a standard and is simultaneously tailored to your needs through selective customization.

Personal connections are at a minimum these days. We counter that by specializing in service at a time when great service is harder and harder to come by.

EDI OptCenter

Some of the
EDI advantages
at your disposal

Optcenter Portal

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Control Center provides total access to transactions, reports and exchanges through EDI Optcenter and via our latest product eCommOpt plugging you into innovative opportunities from Shopify, Amazon and others.

Universal Exchange

Collect transactions in any format using any exchange method.

Selective Customization

Meet any internally defined requirement by refining transactions selectively for each and every partner.

Working Standard

Our personalized EDI approach lets you manage each transaction type into your own working standard.

Live Support

Unlimited personal support provided from our experienced New York operations center.

Seamless Distribution

Distribute transactions where and when they’re needed.