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3 Things Every Company Needs to Know About CommerceHub EDI

Commercial Hum EDI

If you are already doing D2C business or just getting started, then you have likely heard about CommerceHub EDI. Mastering CommerceHub EDI is the key to getting the most out of your D2C business. Many major retailers use CommerceHub EDI and require that their vendors connect to them using CommerceHub EDI too.  CommerceHub EDI works by enforcing the Inventory and fulfillment best practices required by retailers like Kohls or Macys. Order and shipment information is communicated through CommerceHub EDI, providing the supplier with up to the minute information about their online orders. CommerceHub EDI is required when working with certain retail partners and your efficient use of CommerceHub EDI is tracked for compliance by them.

Who is CommerceHub  EDI?

CommerceHub EDI controls Direct to Customer (D2C) online ordering logistics for many retailers such as Macys, Kohls and JC Penney. The most important thing you need to know about CommerceHub EDI is that it is geared to serve the retailer. If you are doing D2C business with retailers using CommerceHub EDI, you will be required to trade EDI documents through CommerceHub EDI. Working with the right EDI service provider makes all the difference in your interactions with CommerceHub EDI. The right EDI service partner works with you to help you achieve smooth and efficient interactions with CommerceHub EDI.

What do I need to do to work with CommerceHub EDI?

When working with CommerceHub EDI, you are required to meet all of the communication and logistics rules of the retail partner. CommerceHub EDI gathers the D2C orders in real time from the websites of your retail partners and passes them through  to you for fulfillment. Each retail partner has its own unique materials required with shipments such as branded packing slips. There and other D2C requirements enforced through CommerceHub EDI such as carrier, shipping options and fill rates.

What are the important things to know when working with CommerceHub EDI?

When things are going well, thousands of orders can be transmitted through CommerceHub EDI in a single day. Every order comes with strict rules for fulfillment that vary depending on the retail partner. The manual CommerceHub EDI is very difficult to use efficiently making the integrated version of CommerceHub EDI a better option for many organizations. As the volume of D2C business increases year after year, efficient D2C EDI processing becomes even more critical, and efficient integration with CommerceHub EDI becomes essential.

Here at EDI Options, we have mastered CommerceHub EDI and offer direct links, automation tools, and advanced reporting making that experience painless and efficient. , The EDI Options CommerceHub solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your inventory, packing and shipping operations.. To make sure you are maximizing your business with CommerceHub EDI, contact us.