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Amazon Sales Counsel

It’s Easy

Everything you need to start fulfilling orders on Amazon is at your fingertips! An existing EDI operation gives you all the tools necessary. Fulfilling those buys is no different than completing EDI orders that ship direct to the customer. In fact, the Amazon experience can be much simpler.

Fulfill on Amazon like a Pro

EDI Options will help you take advantage of the selling opportunities available to you by and other online marketplaces. If you are not selling on Amazon, we’ll get your business started. If you are selling, If you are selling, we’ll will steer you towards a more rewarding experience. provides a unique venue for selling your goods

Selling in this venue goes far beyond providing a simple list of items to be sold

You already have a head start based on your current EDI fulfillment operations

Mastery of just a few key elements can make a world of difference is a great place for Jewelry vendors

Amazon is a rich environment for jewelry sales. In 2022, Amazon booked $2.1B in jewely sales. Enjoy the unique qualities that make selling jewelry easy and profitable on the world’s largest retail platform.

Key Amazon Elements

Similar to traditional retail partners, has its own set of rules and requirements. Unlike your retail partners they give you the opportunity to have as big a presence as you desire.

Work with us to lift your Amazon profile by supercharging your

·        Item lists

·        A+ content

·        Brand Stores

·        PPC


Consider these facts!

2.1 billion dollars in jewelry sales happened on in 2022

Gated product lines restrict competition

Product is lightweight allowing it to store and ship efficiently

Diverse analytical tools make tracking activity a powerful benefit