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Why successful companies are streamlining CommerceHub before Labor Day

Streamlining CommerceHub

The increased volume from holiday shopping is almost upon us. Your CommerceHub Direct to Customer activity, as a portion of your overall Direct-to-Customer business, is going to put pressure on your integration processes. Are you ready?

Although required to use CommerceHub processes for some retailer’s Direct to Customer business, successful companies are looking at ways to improve their CommerceHub business through integration with their other business systems. Integration is a critical tool for streamlining CommerceHub  systems.

Achieve 100% compliance

To the retailer, if you are not 100% compliant you are nowhere. Working correctly with CommerceHub Direct to Customer processes is key in achieving 100% vendor compliance. Coordinating your shipping materials in high volume environments like CommerceHub will reduce errors. Automating everyday activities like introducing an automatic inventory system into the CommerceHub environment, will improve fill rate and your score on the retailers scorecard.

Coordinate all fulfillment activities

The best companies coordinate all of their CommerceHub Direct to Customer fulfillment activities, and integrate these processes to streamline the whole operation. Bring CommerceHub Direct to Customer orders  directly to small package shippers so all order fulfillment materials, packing slips, shipping labels, and other collateral shipping material are delivered how, when,  and where required. Tie it all back together with outgoing electronic invoice and shipping documents and you’ve got a fully streamlined CommerceHub Direct to Customer fulfillment operation.

Minimize manual CommerceHub activities

Lets face it, CommerceHub’s interface is not the most efficient. What can be managed during the year  will stop you cold when volumes get high. The most successful companies account for this and use strategies to minimize use of CommerceHub’s manual processes, integrating and automating where possible.  By utilizing the latest integration tools and specialized software, the CommerceHub Direct to Customer process can be tuned to work efficiently even at the highest volume level.

Now is the time

Do what the successful companies are doing before Labor Day. Be ready to work with CommerceHub Direct to Customer processes at four times or even ten times your current volume. Minimize your manual work with the CommerceHub portal. Coordinate all your shipping documents and integrate the orders with your other systems. Make sure you achieve 100% compliance.

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