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What is Jewelry EDI? What you need to know coming out of JCK.

Jewelry EDI

If you are a manufacturer or business owner just getting back from JCK, you’ve likely heard the term EDI. EDI, or electronic data interchange, is one of the many tools that businesses have at their disposal to increase jewelry sales. Jewelry EDI has become a key element to providing Direct to Customer (D2C) services.  As D2C shipping continues to gain popularity in the jewelry industry, Jewelry EDI will grow in importance. Read on to learn about Jewelry EDI, and the role that it plays in streamlining business for manufacturers and retailers.


Why you need Jewelry EDI

For Direct to Customer (D2C) ordering, most jewelry retailers require that you receive purchase orders and send shipping notices and invoices utilizing Jewelry EDI.  This allows retailers, like Kohl’s, Macys and JC Penney’s to trade these Jewelry EDI documents efficiently and cost effectively. Without Jewelry EDI, businesses cannot maximize profit and fill demand. Direct to Customer shipping, at the volumes required today, can simply not be supported without Jewelry EDI.


What you need to know about jewelry EDI

Jewelry EDI has unique requirements that you should become familiar with. These requirements include special packaging, special printed materials, and working with

Third-party services such as CommerceHub and VendorNet. The retailers and these services alike have their own compliance requirements for Direct to Customer ordering.


These Jewelry EDI compliance requirements are strict and when not adhered to can often are accompanied by vendor charges. Jewelry vendors should be aware upfront of the unique requirements of their retail partners. One of the newest and most cumbersome compliance requirements for Jewelry EDI  is the daily reporting of inventory. Jewelry EDI compliance requirements change frequently and the burden are on the vendor to stay current.

How do I safely participate in jewelry EDI?

Since compliance requirements change frequently and penalties can be steep it is important for Jewelry EDI vendors to be knowledgeable and vigilant. The good news is that there are specialists providing Jewelry EDI solutions that are there to protect you and make this process seamless. After all, what is most important to the jewelry vendor is conducting business and not worrying about the changes in requirements.


EDI Options has specialized in Jewelry EDI since 1992. From transaction compliance to specialized systems, EDI Options provides the technology and supports to keep your daily operations running efficiently.   Contact us to learn more about how enhanced Jewelry EDI can help your business.