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4 Ways EDI Options is Gearing up for the Holiday Workload (and what your EDI company should be doing too!)

EDI Options gearing up for the holidays

As EDI professionals for almost 30 years, EDI Options has a distinct advantage over those less experienced providers, especially with EDI compliance. We know that the volume of Holiday business creates challenges that last only those few months and companies that do not prepare well in advance have no hope to catch up mid-season. These days, massive Direct to Customer shipping and highly automated integration schemes require the latest tools and automation. Being EDI specialists in EDI compliance from before the birth of the commercial  internet, we have a perspective on peak season processing that few other EDI companies can appreciate.

Holiday 2018 Peak Season Preparation Plans

Tuning up Infrastructure
The volume of our Black Friday EDI transaction handling increases by double digits every year. We help customers maintain EDI compliance by projecting our Direct to Customer fulfillment workloads by analyzing historical customer activity from past years compared to this year’s changing trends. Mid-year, we take our projections for the coming season, double them, and then plan infrastructure updates to handle the load. In preparation, this year we have added 7 new servers and have replaced all disk drives with high-performance solid-state media.

Updating the Latest EDI Compliance Standards
Chargebacks for non EDI compliance are always looming in the retail world. Even the best Direct to Customer operations can find themselves in EDI compliance trouble during Black Friday shipping. Packaging, packing lists, labeling, and accurate shipping options are all elements that are scrutinized by retailers during this high volume period. We stay constantly aware of the latest retail EDI compliance requirements with special attention given to Direct to Customer EDI compliance. We know that retailer’s EDI compliance scorecards and performance metrics have a direct impact on our customers business and work with them to always strive for that perfect score.

Using the most advanced support tools
Different companies that exchange EDI transactions with their retail partners have a lot in common but what differs between them is their EDI provider. Here at EDI Options, support is our #1 priority and we are constantly seeking the tools and techniques that help us maintain EDI compliance and improve communication with and support of our growing customer base. Always looking to maintain retailer EDI compliance and considering even more than expected volume, we work with the customer to focus on those elements that keep their scorecard rankings high.

Seasonal Readiness All Year Long
Maintaining retail EDI compliance and keeping up with the volume are going to be two of the biggest challenges this holiday season but always keep in mind that EDI compliance is important all year long. Here at EDI Options, we use our EDI compliance knowledge coupled with our extensive experience with Direct to Customer to keep our services, infrastructure, and support teams constantly updated and in a state of readiness. We want our customers to ship on time, maintain full EDI compliance and maintain the highest possible scorecard ranking.