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Key Advantages of EDI Integrations and Shipping Logistics

EDI Integrations and Shipping Logistics

EDI Integration and shipment logistics have always gone hand in hand. As EDI Integration experts, we have seen many different varieties of EDI Shipping Integration techniques through the years but they all have one thing in common. They all work to ensure timely and accurate shipments and are crucial to helping companies adhere to modern, aggressive shipping schedules.

The key advantages of EDI Shipping Integration are automation and the accurate transfer of shipping details. Details like ship-to addresses, particularly detailed direct to consumer drop-ship instructions, are passed to shipping systems with perfect accuracy ensuring a successful delivery. When EDI Shipping Integration is performed with local UPS or Fedex systems, or with a 3PL or remote warehouse these very same benefits are achieved.

Similarly, EDI Shipping Integration creates a way for shipment details like package weight, shipping costs, and small parcel tracking / truck BOL numbers to be passed back into the EDI transaction stream for transfer out to the EDI partners and to pass to ERP and other logistics systems via their own integration schemes.

Our worldwide customer base uses EDI Shipping Integration extensively. As EDI integration experts we serve major international retailers and manufacturers with EDI Shipping Integration schemes often customized to their specific needs. Utilizing a combination of cloud-based services, timely reporting, and connections to ERP and other logistics systems our custom integrations always provide the tightest fit.

Founded in 1991, EDI Options has always worked to provide our customers with a tailored EDI environment. Through the EDI OptCenter, our cloud-based EDI portal, customers big and small enjoy our unique brand of service that features ease of use and a high degree of automation. Known to provide superior customer service, through the years our customers have come for our unique products but it’s our personal services that keeps them loyal.