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Excellence in EDI Service

Excellence in EDI

EDI Options was born in 1992 in the 2nd bedroom of my apartment in Oceanside, NY. My partner Greg and I had come from the retail distribution world and had worked with all of the earliest EDI tools. We were just not happy with the EDI service and options offered to EDI users of the time and decided to do something quite different.

We made EDI Options all about providing the EDI service that any customer would find nothing short of outstanding. Like most startups, our first customers were previous business relationships. We made the whole EDI process easy and non-technical for them through a combination of intuitive software and boutique-style EDI service.

Word spread quickly and we grew fast with this concept. In 1992 the commercial internet was not as it is now and all work was done locally. As part of our EDI service we provided EDI testing, we provided software setup with hands-on training, and we provided these EDI services long before it became fashionable. We were the company you can talk to, the company to help you link your EDI with accounting and distribution, and the company that was always about EDI service first.

26 years later and here we are, still the same company. We’ve grown into an international operation with a worldwide customer base. The EDI OptCenter hosts our supremely clever EDI management tool and modern communications and connectivity allow us to continue to provide that boutique EDI service that made us special.

Our mission is to always maintain a small company culture and remember what makes us great. EDI service that every customer finds nothing short of outstanding.