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7 Ways Custom EDI Benefits Your Organization

Benefits of EDI

To compete in the modern retail industry, manufacturers must maximize on the potential to sell their products. One way that manufacturers can allocate more resources toward selling products is through using a custom EDI platform. Digitizing vital information will enhance the selling process, while also ensuring a smoother transaction process and encouraging return customers. Whether your organization currently uses EDI software, or has grown to a point that requires custom EDI, there are multiple benefits. Read on to learn more about how custom EDI can benefit your organization.

1. Save Money

Employing reliable staff to manually process each sale leads to a costly operation. Putting aside wages, the organization must purchase paper and printing supplies, storage units, and more. With custom EDI software, you can drastically reduce the cost of each transaction. In fact, some companies have reported that utilizing custom EDI helped them save 35-40% on transaction costs.

Additionally, this will eliminate the need for staff to manually correct mistakes, effectively reducing the amount of customers lost due to errors. These automated processes will also prevent staff from resolving others’ errors.

2. Improve Transaction Accuracy

Custom EDI software revolutionizes the speed and accuracy of transactions. Even using a non-automated online data exchange platform, transactions will still take significantly longer to process. By channeling all data through a centralized platform in a uniform format, the pitfalls of inaccurate handwritten information and incorrectly keyed data can be avoided.

3. Increase the Efficiency of Your Business

Relieving busy staff from the burden of manually processing each transaction will have a remarkable effect on overall efficiency. Custom EDI software will inevitably lead to faster and more accurate order processing. This is true for both D2C transactions and brick and mortar store inventory replenishment.

This automation will also prevent cancelled orders and stock replenishment issues with instantaneous processing. With fewer order processing responsibilities, employees can spend more time accomplishing important tasks that generate higher revenue.

Finally, real-time updates about key sales figures allows executives to make informed decisions about orders.

4. Strengthen the Security of Transaction Data

Custom EDI software is highly adept at keeping even translated information secure. These high security standards eliminate the security concerns that threaten other online transactions.

During each transaction, personal information is transferred in an encrypted format with a unique signature. This verification process prevents external parties from accessing, viewing or tampering with sensitive customer data. With custom EDI software, your organization will require minimal (if any) additional security measures.

5. Capabilities Tailored to Organization’s Needs

After initially configuring a unique solution, your custom EDI software will allow for effortless, streamlined transactions and document exchange. With a system designed specifically for your needs, there are no transactions too complex for EDI.

For example, jewelry manufacturers require customized EDI software that can interact with existing software. Dynamic scheduling features automatically report inventory needs to manufacturers, allowing for a nuanced reconciliation process. Custom EDI also caters to nuanced shipping needs for products and orders of different sizes. This automated software allows manufacturers to consolidate orders through polybag/packing list shipping.

These unique features also prevent industry-specific compliance infractions.

6. Compatibility With Many Retailers

In the past, employees of product manufacturers spent countless hours translating information for each retailer. Custom EDI simplifies this phase.

In order to develop many positive retailer relationships, translating information to a compliance-friendly format is critical. Enhanced EDI allows manufacturers to differentiate between various retailers, catering to these unique compliance regulations.

7. Paperless Records of Each Transaction

Paperless transactions are not only great for the environment, but also more organized for your business. With custom EDI, businesses have the advantage of viewing all previous business transactions through archived data. Instead of sifting through documents, you will be able to easily view transaction and shipping details in a centralized hub. This streamlines the issue resolution process.

Utilize Custom EDI Software to Improve Your Business

Enhanced EDI will prove to be a highly useful tool for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of your industry, the unique applications of custom EDI will help your business to run with an unmatched efficiency. To cut costs and eliminate unnecessary errors, contact us about custom EDI software.