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Our 25th Year Brought Game Changing EDI Product Advances


With the end of the year right around the corner, along with our feelings of stress and anxiety due to the holidays and all that come with, it’s hard for us not to feel a bit nostalgic because this year past has brought us a lot of pride. We’ve celebrated a huge company milestone, we’ve continued to be a pioneer by creating new technology to save our customers time and money, and we have grown larger reflecting our confidence in another great year ahead of us in 2018. A bottle of champagne is definitely in order as we say cheers to great year passed and look to a fresh year full of possibility ahead.

This year we celebrated our 25th anniversary which was not only another opportunity for nostalgia, but also a chance to celebrate our successes, remind ourselves of our company roots and principals, and gear up to find new, innovative ways to serve our customers.

Our philosophy has always been to make EDI operations organized, automated, and not at all technical but strictly business oriented. We can look back at these goals and say we have achieved them BUT that does not mean we do not embrace the ever expanding technologies at our disposal in order to stay on the cutting edge. Coincidentally, staying on the cutting edge was another achievement we celebrated this year.

Unless you live under Mount Augustus, which is considered to be the world’s largest rock, you are aware of the profound effect that Direct to Consumer (D2C) fulfillment has had on our industry. In our first-ever live webinar, our president Neil Abbruzzese introduced, our fully integrated D2C and Inventory Managers designed to automate and streamline the D2C process. (Instead of giving the nitty-gritty details of the Webinar you can view it here in its entirety: In keeping with our company goals these new tools simplify the EDI process for our customers and keeps the details strictly business oriented. With a few clicks, our customers are ready to ship, branded packing slips in hand, saving countless time, money, and headaches. Along-side the success of these applications and more, our company continued to grow.

Neil has always said, “Our most valuable asset is our people, period.” This year we added more players into our ever growing cast of characters. It is so important to us that our products are outstanding and we know that our service and delivery is part of what makes them so. We continue to build our amazing team with people who are smart, dedicated and most of all have real heart. What is the best part of adding new members to your staff?, you may ask. Well obviously Company Picture Day! Check out our smart, capable, kind and quite cool staff below. It is with this team that we will continue to build our future.

Even though 2018 is not quite here, we have already started to plan our new year and beyond. Needless to say we are extremely excited about the future! To give a glimpse into our conference room, we are looking to continue our goals, to grow our customer base, make our resources more readily available to you, stay innovate and be available to share our expertise.

– By Anthony De Maria