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Update 12.1 is Live!


Hello all,


Update 12.1 has been released! This update includes minor bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and performance improvements. Below is a detailed list of the changes made in this update.


Packing List Manager

Validated packing lists may now be edited (header elements only) and re-validated by clicking “Turn on Editing” when viewing a transaction. When doing so, users may decide whether to re-produce their labels or not.

Upon combining 1 or more packing lists together, users may now decide whether to re-produce their labels or not.

Packing List creation filters “Ship To” and “Shipment Type” are now working as expected.


Item References

Performance has been improved when uploading item cross-references.


Contact Support Window

Improved feedback and validations on support ticket submissions.



Faster, more reliable internal ID generation has been implemented to improve stability