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Inventory Manager: Automatically Amazing

Inventory Manager

The EDI OptCenter continues to grow with expanded capabilities. New users are signing up every day to enjoy its global reach and ease of use!

We all rely on our PCs, phones and tablets for business and pleasure and we expect to be more connected and more efficient because of them. Critical information we have at our fingertips helps us mange our business needs to have more free time to browse the web and check out the latest memes and close your next sale.

Meeting retail requirements requires powerful, easy to use tools that are intuitive and mobile.

Our brand new Inventory Manager is a flexible and powerful tool designed to manage the inventory reports that you provide to all of your EDI trading partners on a daily basis.

Some Highlights of our Inventory Manager

  • maintain a separate inventory collection for each of your retail partners
  • be totally and uniquely compliant with each of your retail partners’ requirements
  • create a different inventory report schedule for each retailer
    • report inventory once a week, once a day, or multiple times per day.


Here’s the best part!

For the month of January  we have a special promotion for this cleverly designed, easily accessible, time saving tool.

Keep in mind, you do not need to already be a user of the EDI OptCenter to enjoy the efficiency of this tool. We have a wide range of “a la carte” products we offer through the OptCenter to anyone with a specialized need.

Learn more about our new Inventory Manager and some of our other products and click here!