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Innovations to Small Package Shipping!

Small package shipping

We did a special project for a customer and it turned out to be a really nice time and money saver for them. It is designed to simplify the handling for Kmart and or Sears by making the shipment paperwork simpler and easier to manage. By combining the Packing Slip and UCC128/GS1 label on a single sheet of plain paper, we provide a easy and cost effective way to prepare your shipments.

  • This combined document has been analyzed and approved for use by Kmart and Sears.
  • This single sheet combines what was once 2 different documents that were printed separately and needed to be collated.
  • Because it prints on plain paper, the sheet saves on the cost of thermal print labels.
  • Just fold the sheet and insert it in the poly bag (see image below).
  • The barcode is scannable from inside the poly bag.
  • It is a quick and easy setup for either EC GearBox or EDI OptCenter users