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4 things to consider about your EDI Provider

EDI Network

Businesses often choose an EDI provider under a time deadline and based on an initial EDI partner’s requirements. The EDI choices made to satisfy the first purchasing relationship often wind up setting the stage for all future EDI relationships.


Here are some things to ask yourself to determine how that initial EDI selection is holding up:


Has my business changed? Retail shipping has changed significantly in the last 10 years with the explosion of direct to consumer shopping. What was once 1 shipment of 100 pieces to a retailer is now 100 small shipments to individual consumers. EDI management, order handling, inventory control, and accounting integration have different efficiencies under the two models and usually both models need to apply.

What has changed about my business? How have those changes affected my EDI and other key fulfillment systems?


Is my fulfillment operation efficient? Efficient fulfillment operations have systems that are on speaking terms. My EDI Network should not only speak traditional EDI dialects but should also be able to communicate out to the digital world in any dialect required. Similarly my EDI, accounting, WMS, and shipping systems should all communicate effortlessly so that my physical operation flows easily and efficiently.

Is my fulfillment operation as efficient as possible? Does my EDI system pull together every element of my fulfillment operation to create the best efficiencies?


Do I have information at my fingertips? Key metrics are different for every business and it’s important to have those metrics at the ready. Pending shipments, daily invoicing, weekly sales, and payment reconciliations are examples of common metrics that should be readily available through desktop or mobile.

Do I have my key fulfillment metrics at my fingertips? Does my EDI system collect and present those metrics to me when and where I need them?


Am I being served? Service can make all the difference for the efficiencies of an EDI operation. Most operations are very automated and self-sufficient but there are always times when a person with expertise is needed and consultation with such a person should be easily available.  Service is a partnership and your EDI provider should know your business, know your operation, and understand your needs.

Is my EDI provider readily available to me? Does my EDI provider know my operation and understand my needs?


Since 1991, EDI Options has been the EDI Provider of choice for the most discriminating vendors who value reliable, precision operations backed up by world class customer services. Our mission is to provide each customer with a personal experience that is tailored to their operation and supported by our own knowledgeable, in-office personnel. Our reputation is sterling and our customers enjoy and appreciate our ability to flawlessly handle the life’s blood of their businesses – their EDI and e-Commerce transactions.