Special Services: OptCenter Analytics

A suite of tools, tailored to your needs, designed to turn data into decisions. Visually see transactions such as payment reconciliations, orders details, and point of sale information. Metrics are created to view high level summaries and detailed analysis at a glance. Key details are presented by location, store, item, and date.


A business intelligence service that presents your transactions visually and helps with decision making. Use charts, graphs and reports to get top level summaries and dive into the details. See payment and invoice details. Automate manual handling of complex analysis saving time and increasing accuracy. Interactively drill down into expanded item and door details. Alternatively see information by product group or category. See selling trends by store, item, date, or location. Customize item details to bring more depth to the definition to you reports to bring more depth and definition to your reports.


Transactional information is aggregated into actionable statistics by week, month, season, or year. Summarized information is available for export and can be reviewed externally or uploaded into your system of record to improve efficiency and accuracy. Selling trends, especially when combined with extended item attributes, brings more depth and definition to the reporting and allows reporting at class and category levels.


Analytics give you a top down look at your transactional information across your retail partners. Easily identify trends that reveal opportunities. Save time and resources by keeping a finger on the most important business details. Our analytics offer virtually unlimited flexibility in your operations and give you real time and actionable insight into your products performance.