Jewelry EDI

Since the 1980s we have helped Jewelry vendors become more efficient and nimble by working with them to streamline and automate their fulfillment operations. We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for them to pursue business opportunities with the new digital marketplaces that seem to open up every day.

Building Your Brand

Every business looks to build their brand and expand into new markets. A prerequisite for this is an adaptable and scalable fulfillment operation that can ramp up very quickly to take advantage of these new opportunities. Users of our EDI OptCenter are prepared to engage in any new marketplace as it emerges and can scale up fulfillment operations on very short notice. This frees them to build their brand by pursuing every available opportunity.



Leverage Your Uniqueness

Every business distinguishes itself through its unique qualities. We fit our solutions perfectly into every customers’ existing fulfillment operation helping them leverage that uniqueness. Over the years we’ve forged strong relationships with the very accounting, warehousing, and shipping systems that make up jewelry industry fulfillment. This extensive jewelry experience gives us the tools we need to pull together these business aspects and help assemble a distinct and efficient fulfillment operation for every customer.


We know Jewelry

The unique aspects of the jewelry business are built right into our solutions. In all of our years, we have specialized in jewelry because we are veterans of the jewelry industry from way back. We represent dozens of the biggest and most prestigious jewelry manufacturers and distributors worldwide who trust us to help them succeed because of our extensive knowledge and experience.




For years, EDI Options has worked with the top jewelry third-party services:

  • RightClick or
  • DiaSpark
  • Malca Amit
  • Valigara

In addition, we work with all any accounting system:

  • QuickBooks
  • Navision
  • Great Plains
  • Sage/ACCPAC
  • NetSuite

As well as 3rd part warehouses and small package shippers:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS