Special Services: The Marketplace Selling

Connect to every selling marketplace through the EDI OptCenter. The EDI Options network trades with every eCommerce market including Amazon Seller Central, Google Shop, Walmart and Shopify.

New selling opportunities open up every day and we have the technology that you need to quickly get connected and start selling through any of the dozens of online selling marketplaces.

Channel services like Channel Advisor and Valigara provide advanced marketing and merchandising capabilities and the advanced connectivity required to get the most of those services is also found on the OptCenter.


Marketplace Channel Selling through The EDI OptCenter allows you to trade with any Selling Channel or Channel Selling service and takes the mystery out of using those services to offer your products for sale. Use the power of the EDI OptCenter to master all the trade rules that govern these channels. And start selling through these channels quickly, fulfilling those orders with ultimate efficiency.


Use the EDI OptCenter’s Marketplace Selling add-on to connect with any eCommerce entity and start selling. Pair these channels with our other high efficiently capabilities to take orders, produce invoices, print packing slips and labels, ship with small package carriers, and track all of your activity in one convenient place. Use out intelligent interface to easily fulfill orders and meet every channel’s selling requirements right out of the box.


The Marketplace Channel Services offered through the EDI OptCenter is a powerful tool to help you if you are selling or looking to sell through alternate Channels like Amazon Seller Central, WalMart.com or Facebook Shopping. Backed up by EDI Options world-class support services, we bring the technical expertise and you bring the business and together we get you selling online.