Special Services: EDI Integration Manager

The EDI OptCenter  Integration Manager provides automation and accurate handling of bulk EDI transactions when exchanging them with your connected systems. Whether you’re connecting to accounting, warehouse, shipping, or other logistics systems, the integration manager makes an accurate and timely exchange keeping your operations running smoothly.


The EDI OptCenter Integration Manager oversees exchanging transactions with your connected business systems. It is the central command center where you control the flow of key transactions into your operation. Easily route orders to accounting / ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage, or NetSuite, send shipping instructions to warehouses, or create bulk UPS of FedEx transactions all from the Integration Manager.


The EDI Integration Manager is equipped with dialects for communicating with common systems. The Integration Manager can speak directly to Quickbooks, UPS, NetSuite, Sage, FedEx and many other common systems. The Integration Manager has no limits and can be trained to speak to any system.


If you have a large number of transactions or a distributed processing environment then the Integration Manager is definitely a good move for you. Bulk transactions are automated with extreme accuracy. Distribution is managed from a single command center exchanging information where and when it’s required even with remote or overseas operations. Simple and cost-effective, the EDI Integration Manager saves money and time. It is automatic, reliable, customizable, and accurate.