The folks at EDI Options were amazing from the start. Because of differing requirements, I was never sure I was handling my CommerceHub business “right” and they worked with me to help me figure out what was really right for me. They are so knowledgeable, helpful and always available when we need something.

Sal, Pearle Designs 


Business Challenge

At Pearle Designs, direct to customer shipping was haphazard with a disjointed process. Even though it was all CommerceHub, orders for different retailers had different requirements. Every day there was an inventory report to send. Every shipment had some kind of paperwork required and shipping required a lot of interaction with the CommerceHub website plus UPS and FedEx. Every retailer maintained a scorecard measuring success in ways unique to them. With seasonal volume looming, Pearle Designs felt the need to be in more control of operations and needed


Addressing operations first, Pearle Designs worked together with EDI Options and reviewed the physical CommerceHub packaging process with an eye on efficiency. Using the automation from our EDI OptCenter, the packaging process was automated with packing lists and UPS/Fedex labels being created in real time for each shipment and delivered to the pack station at the exact time needed.  Inventory reporting was put on a schedule so that the daily reports were always being sent on time. Management used mobile OptCenter analytics with up to the minute statistics on open orders, fill rates, and item demand to gauge the effectiveness of operations and plan CommerceHub resources. The combination of efficient processing and strong analytics provided Pearle Designs custom automation, strict controls, and necessary oversight of the entire CommerceHub operation.

Business Benefits

First and foremost, Pearle Designs is in control and ready for any volume of shipping for any number of CommerceHub partners. Automated UPS/Fedex labels and uniquely branded packing materials are fingertip available to shippers fully automating the shipping process. Small package tracking numbers are pulled back into accounting systems and CommerceHub invoice and shipping transactions are broadcast to the retail partners in conjunction with physical shipments. Every day, inventory reports go out on schedule to the retail partners and the retailer’s scorecards are consistently improving. Managers plan for the day and the week by monitoring open orders and reviewing fill rates using both desktop and mobile apps. In short, the automation, controls and oversight offered by the EDI OptCenter has been the life preserver that Pearle Designs desperately needed in their CommerceHub operation.