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Automated Trading Without Limits

EDI OptExchange helps retail, supply, and manufacturing companies drive revenue growth by automating routine processing and EDI compliance. Our powerful global network standardizes and digitizes the exchange of documents. It allows companies to manage all types of transactions with ease and apply custom handling for internal integration, while meeting any partner’s specific requirements, regardless of complexity.

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Unmatched External Connectivity and Trading Gives You Maximum Flexibility

Keep your company agile and globally connect to any provider or marketplace. EDI OptExchange excels at:

Connecting via any trading protocol, including EDI, API, XML, CSV, custom file, or shared databases

Exchanging all transaction types, including orders, invoices, ship instructions, delivery notifications, catalogs, and inventory

Integrating totally with your fulfillment environment by providing custom formatted transactions defined strictly to serve each system’s purpose.

Seamlessly Integrates, Processes Automatically, and Optimizes Operations

EDI OptExchange standardizes order and fulfillment information to provide a single source of truth, connecting easily with your company’s internal accounting, fulfillment, WMS, and shipping systems, as well as external operations, such as overseas production facilities and external carriers.

Through EDI OptExchage, you can:

  • Define a unique internal data handling path for each partner and transaction type, eliminating manual processing and automating the exchange of critical information with fulfillment systems.
  • Standardize each transaction type from each data source to mesh perfectly with the defined fulfillment integration scheme.
  • Deliver transactional information where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and formatted properly for each application.

The Path to a Streamlined Future

We are data exchange experts. You’ll work hand in hand with the EDI OptExchange design team to set up each individualized integration scheme. We’ll help you define and implement custom handling pathways for every transaction type and external partnership. Through EDI OptExchange, you’ll collect, manage, and distribute transactions in full compliance with every environment – all with minimal interaction on your part.