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Working for the Enemy

By: Will Greenfield

What I have learned working for the kind of 3rd party provider, that I used to recommend against using.

Working for a large Fashion house in Operations, we were often challenged to leverage new technologies to drive sales. Invariably the decision would come down whether to outsource the development or “do it in house”.  My simple argument was always: “Since we don’t have to pay the profit to an outside company, the cost will always be cheaper if we do it ourselves”.

Working here at EDI Options, where we expertly handle solutions for EDI and D2C challenges as well as create Selling Analytics and custom business solutions for hundreds of customers, I now realize there was a better way.

Our efficiency in providing solutions for multiple customers creates a value an expertise that cannot be matched by any single company’s IT department. The advantage we provide to our customers; a highly flexible and dedicated team that stays on the cutting edge of all new technologies, who are all U.S. based and in one facility on Long Island, can simply not be matched by an “in house” IT team (who may be outsourcing the programming to India anyway). And unlike most IT Departments, our job doesn’t end with implementation. Our success is singly measured by constantly improving the on-going user experience. You get treated like the customer you are.

The “new” model seems to take strong ERP management and adds progressive and specialized solution providers when needed, balancing the advantages of both.

It seems obvious to me now.

Yeah, sometimes you have to walk a mile in someone’s data, to realize there is a better path than the one you have been on.



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