Special Services: QuickLabel

The QuickLabel service can be used by anyone with any EDI provider. Produce UCC128/GS1 labels where and when you need them. This service can be used with your current EDI software, or seamlessly with the EDI OptCenter.

What is it?

Our newly released QuickLabel process is a simple label generator that allows anybody, anywhere to produce fully formatted UCC128/GS1 labels instantaneously. Any number and any kind of shipping labels, including customer specific labels, are produced and delivered in seconds.

What can it do?

The QuickLabels service offers an extensive library of retailer specific UCC128/GS1 label formats. You can work with generic labels or even design your own - any label can be designed, created, and delivered based off of our simple label template spreadsheet. We offer a variety of ways to create particular labels - creating an interactive single label, submitting a label template with any number of labels, or even simply submit an ASN to generate matching labels.

Is it for me?

Anyone with any EDI provider can take advantage of the QuickLabel service. The service assists If you need a label in a pinch, need labels to be available in a remote location, need a custom or special label, or need to replace a single specific UCC128/GS1 label. Produce any number of labels either through a monthly subscription or spontaneously acquiring individual credits.

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