Special Services: OptCenter Analytics

Analyze the retail Point of Sale information provided by your retail partners. Interact with visual charts, graphs and reports that provide different perspectives on sales by item and selling location.

What is it?

OptCenter Analytics is a business intelligence service that turns your data into decisions. Use charts, graphs, and reports to get a top-level view of your product sales. Visualize current period and to-date sales by highlighting the best selling items and top stores. Interactively drill down into expanded item and door details. Alternatively see item information by product group or category or see selling trends by store, item, date, or location. Customize item details to bring more depth and definition to your reports.

What does it do?

Retail selling information is collected from your partners via the EDI 852 transaction or other strictly formatted selling report and transferred to the interactive reporting system. Raw selling information is aggregated into count and value statistics for the current week as well as aggregated for the month, year, and season. Retailer reports are combined with your extended item definitions to bring more depth and definition to the reporting and allows you to track your own classes and categories of items.

Is it for me?

Analytics give you a top-down look at your sales across retail partners so that you can easily identify trends and predict future activity. See sales in pieces and dollars for the current week, month, year and season and always have your sell-thru and AUR numbers handy. The biggest strength of Opt Center Analytics is its near unlimited flexibility. For example, see how items perform in cold vs warm climates.

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