The EDI OptCenter: Distribute

Send sales orders to fulfillment systems, shipping details to vendors, and financial details to accounting systems. We provide transactional information where and when it is needed.

The OptCenter manages transaction distribution both inside and outside of your operation, in full compliance to 3rd party specifications and exchange rules. Whether formatted for EDI, exchanged via custom file layouts, exchanged with hosted SQL tables, or communicated through API, the OptCenter makes the distribution of your transactional information targeted and specific.


Transactions flow through the OptCenter on their way into and out of your logistics' operation.

The OptCenter’s global reach distributes transactions out to partners, delivers information to consumers, and provides supporting details to your logistics operations such as accounting systems and external WMS operations at your warehouse.

To illustrate a transaction’s flow, information contained in retail/direct to customer invoices exported from accounting systems are used by the OptCenter to collect UPS tracking information via the UPS API and distribute that information to the customer by email.  Then the invoice is formatted for EDI and distributed to the retail partner. Additionally, the invoice is formatted into a custom layout and distributed to the factory. Similarly, inbound purchase orders are formatted by the OptCenter separately and distributed to individual systems to automate accounting, shipping, labeling and other logistics and fulfillment operations.


The OptCenter distributes transactions using the format and conversational method suitable for its destination. Some transactions pass through the OptCenter untouched and are routed to a predefined destination while others require adjustment and reformatting before they can be exchanged. Some transactions require a conversational distribution through standard program API calls. The OptCenter manages that API conversation using online connections to commerce websites and hosted services like UPS and FedEx.

The OptCenter also boasts a hosted SQL environment of its own where transactions are exchanged at the database level. Customers manage their own hosted set of SQL tables where purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices are distributed. Inbound PO transactions are transitioned out of their native format into a standard SQL layout. Outbound transactions like invoices and ASNs can either be exchanged with a hosted logistics system or be populated manually through a customer's own application set. Any transaction can be hosted and exchanged via hosted SQL tables as required by a customer's operations.

One last standard distribution from the OptCenter network is to the OptCenter transaction portal. Every transaction passing across the OptCenter is logged and managed by the OptCenter Portal. Here both exchange activity and actual transaction details are available. The OptCenter portal  also permits the optional handling of some or all of your trading partnerships. Where purchase orders from a large exchange partner may be  managed and distributed to integrated systems, some lesser transactions like store change details are formatted into reports and presented on the portal. Even for the most robust integrated operations, access to the portal provides a window into both the exchange activity and the actual exchanged transactions.

Whether passed in its native form, reformatted into a custom file layout, integrated with online systems via API, exchanged via the OptCenter SQL host, or managed by the OptCenter portal, the mix of partnerships, transactions, and exchanges are distributed to destinations appropriate to the customer's transaction processing and logistic needs. 


Business transactions are managed by a variety of downstream systems. Sales order details are passed to fulfillment systems, shipping details to UPS, and financial details to accounting systems. Information not passed to specific systems are hosted on the OptCenter for customer access either through direct SQL connectivity or via our interactive OptCenter Portal.

The OptCenter offers 'out of the box' exchanges with general accounting and industry specific business systems. Jewelry industry software such as Diaspark, RightClick, Qarats Technologies, Big Byte Solutions and Jewels2000; top-notch accounting systems (Sage, AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, and Quicken); manufacturing industry products like ProfitKey's RRM; standard order handling / logistics systems  like Fishbowl, Perenso, and VeraCore; common shipping systems like UPS, FedEx, USPS as well as BOL management systems for truck shipments where tracking, cost information, and shipping notifications are exchanged; catalog and inventory management systems to categorize and track every SKU by customer,  as well as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to assist with shipping and receiving logistics . 

No system is outside of the OptCenter's reach. Communication with any environment is limited only by the product’s connectivity and capability to exchange. The OptCenter can utilize CRM System like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Bullhorn, and Saleslogix,; Delphi applications for social media; Transportation management systems (TMS) like FedEx, UPS, and USPS for logistics; and exchanges with robust fulfillment environments including order-to-cash-cycle systems which manage orders, shipments, payments, and returns.  

Publish directly to retail partners and distribute through email, Dropbox, or FTP.  Setup automatic email notifications, and enjoy real-time data sharing and transaction creation through the interactive portal. Using  pre-formatted transaction templates where accounts can be tailored to create specialized content as necessary drawing from other assets connected through the OptCenter.

In a world filled with dissimilar systems providing specialized capabilities, the OptCenter provides the bridge that enables seamless exchange. The OptCenter can pull information from many internal to customer systems and distribute out the complete informational picture as required by more and more business partners.

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