EDI for Everyone

The EDI OptCenter is the online portal where you control the exchange of e-business transactions with your key business partners. Here you collect, manage, distribute and customize each transaction according to your needs and no matter what are those needs, we have applications designed to serve you.

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Discover the ease of the EDI OptCenter

Create, edit, and maintain transactions using the OptCenter Portal. The OptCenter exchanges e-transactions with your business partners utilizing a working standard for each transaction type. Every transaction is exchanged with every partner as a standard and is simultaneously adapted for your unique needs through selective customization.

OptCenter Portal

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Control Center provides total access to transactions, reports, and exchanges.

Universal Exchange

Collect transactions in any format using any exchange method.

Selective Customization

Refine transactions selectively on a per partner basis to meet any defined internal requirement.

Working Standard

Manage each transaction type into your own working standard.

Live Support

Unlimited personal support provided from our New York operations center.

Seamless Distribution

Distribute transactions where and when they are needed.

The Total Solution

The EDI OptCenter provides the total EDI solution for your business regardless of the size or type of your operation. The abundance of automated network handling options combined with the controls of the interactive portal gives you complete flexibility and absolute oversight.

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Global Reach

Connect anywhere in the world regardless of connection type or time zone.

Real Time

Exchange and process transactions on your schedule.

Automated Processing

Following rules defined for each partner and transaction types, exchanges are automatically formatted into your working standard.

Ease of Use

Friendly, business oriented design designed for simple operation.

Total Visibility

Real time transaction tracking and detailed process status.

Complete Management

Manage any transaction type interactively.

Pick Up and Go

Access your account from anywhere Internet access is available using any desktop or mobile device.

Extended Capabilities

The EDI OptCenter extends far beyond basic data exchange to provide a custom experience. Exchange transactions with the degree of management and customization right for your operation. Run the OptCenter as a “black box”, quietly exchanging customized transactions with your logistics operation or use the Interactive portal for greater manual oversight. Mix the type of activities appropriate for each exchange partner and transaction type.

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Automated Operations

Use the OptCenter network as a pre-programmed automated sequence by defining your own rules for managing and customizing transactions on a per partner and transaction type basis.

Interactive Operations

Capture transactions into the OptCenter interactive portal to manage them with more hands-on management. Use interactive handling options for invoicing, packing lists, labeling and other transactions.

Mix and Match

Use both automated and interactive operations as appropriate for your logistics. Automate big volume partners while handling occasional or specialized transactions interactively.

Custom Capabilities

We provide unlimited custom options available in both automated and interactive operations. You need it, we can do it!

Special Services

The OptCenter offers specialized systems to handle specific business functions. Direct to customer shipping (D2C), point of sale analysis and catalog and inventory management represent some of the specialized systems currently available.


Our Direct to Customer systems are specifically designed to ship individual packages quickly and easily, while automatically adapting to the unique requirements of different retail partners.

Point of Sale

Analyze retail selling information with detailed analysis tailored to your needs. Get different perspectives on sales with detailed item analysis by product group or category or see selling trends by store, item, date, or location.

Catalog and Inventory Management

Centralized management of item definitions with extended attributes and tracking of on-hand quantities for different business partners. Provide distributed reporting of routine catalog information and inventory details as required by business partners.